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Commercial Photography Rates

How much does commercial photography cost?
Commercial photography pricing is worked out by a combination of variables.

The time required to plan, shoot and edit can vary greatly, depending on the type and size of commercial photography commission.
A clear plan is essential for any photography commission. It allows client, photographer and any other stakeholder to have initial input and a clear understanding of the agreed deliverable.
Anything required to create the required photography and video. This could be models, props, studio space, assistants, stylist, make up artist, equipment and location rental.
The shoot may be taking place at a single location in the UK or multiple international locations over a number of days, weeks, or months.
The time required for stills and video post-produtcion to create the agreed deliverable as digital assets or printed media.
A licence agreement to reproduce images, for a particular medium, location, and duration.
Every commercial photography pricing enquiry is given careful consideration and ultimately priced on an individual basis.

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